Cloiq Smart Rain Barrel

Cloiq – Cloud

Cloiq, cloiq, cloiq… is the sound of the raindrops dancing on the roof. Rain water which is wasted way too often. But not with the Cloud. Technical gadgets allow our smart rain barrel to maintain the ideal water level, all by itself. The Cloud is a smart tool that helps to keep the city livable in times of extreme weather conditions.

The rain barrel in the shape of a cloud starts to rain in dry periods. It irrigates the surrounding green. A green city helps in reducing heat stress.. When stormwater is approaching the fully automated iot system empties the barrel. Space is created for the coming rain. The sewage is relieved.

What is so smart about the Cloiq Cloud?

Due to climate change extreme weather events are increasing. Longer periods of drought alternate with large amounts of rain in a short period of time. The sewer can not handle the huge amount of water. Through the online weather analysis our smart rain barrel empties itself to create new buffer capacity before extreme rainfall. In this way, we relieve the sewer and prevent our streets from flooding. During dry periods the smart cloud releases the water again. It rains! In short, Cloiq saves up excess water now to use it during droughts later on.

The cloud is produced with a robot 3d-printer. The cloud is made from recycled plastic.

Cloiq Smart Rain Barrel