save plastic now,
save water

Acting on climate change can be dull. Boring. It’s about all the things we should do or not do. Studio Bas Sala came up with something unique: a circular smart rain barrel. Together with the citizens of Rotterdam we collect plastic waste and use it to 3D print our cloud.


Cloiq, cloiq, cloiq… is the sound of the raindrops dancing on the roof. Rain water which is wasted way too often. But not with Cloiq. Technical gadgets allow our smart rain barrel to maintain the ideal water level, all by itself. Cloiq is a smart tool that helps to keep the city livable in times of extreme weather conditions.

what is so smart about cloiq?

How cloiq works!

Due to climate change extreme weather events are increasing. Longer periods of drought alternate with large amounts of rain in a short period of time. The sewer can not handle the huge amount of water. Through the online weather analysis our smart rain barrel empties itself to create new buffer capacity before extreme rainfall. In this way, we relieve the sewer and prevent our streets from flooding. During dry periods the smart cloud releases the water again. It rains! In short, Cloiq saves up excess water now to use it during droughts later on.

What makes Cloiq so special?

Cloiq teams ups with other parties to develop innovative, circular processes in order to achieve an high-quality end product. We are presenting our second prototype. Not perfect yet, but it teaches us lessons that prepare us for developing the final product.

This iterative process would not have been possible without a fruitful collaboration with local residents and our business partners. For several months, more than 100 residents of Rotterdam Noord were collecting carefully the correct plastic from their household waste and handed it it clean. This plastic was then shredded at Community Plastics so that The New Raw could 3D print our prototypes from this raw material. Finally, we will place the clouds back into the neighborhood where the plastic was collected. And so the journey come has come full circle.

our story in 10 minutes